My name is Jenny Tasheva and I am the owner of Jenny`s floral boutique.

 In early 2002, I began my professional career in floral design and bouquet composition with fresh cut flowers. Over six years I worked as a professional florist in Europe. Hundreds of my clients entrusted me with the decorating of their weddings, birthdays and special events. Doing it requires skills and high quality work I was able to provide with extensive practice and strong desire to learn.

I always use flowers of the highest quality. Some of the materials for the floral design I order direct form Europe. With special attention and deep feeling for every detail, I produce the most beautiful and attractive decorations. I am greatly inspired in my work by the ideas and dreams of my clients. I sincerely believe that they deserve the best and always strive to exceed their expectations.

Yours truly,

Jenny Tasheva

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